Eco Diet Calculator

Updated for 9.0

Desired number of food in menu calculation
Calculation cycle amount (Optional)

If left empty or set to 0, simulation will test all the combinations resulting in best menu possible.

If not, it'll test randomly generated menus times the amount you enter here and try to find the best combination of foods based on your SELECTED FOODs.

Higher number = better results

Budget (Optional)

If you specify prices for foods, you can use this option to set a budget limit.

Only the best menu less than your budget will be shown.

To specify prices for foods, add them to the selected food list and a price tag will appear.
Prices are stored in cookies so they are saved across sessions.
Calorie Limit (Optional)

Only the best menu less than your calorie limit will be shown.

This app finds best possible food combination that gives the highest skill point per day.

Menu Size input determines the diet size for testing. Each diet will be filled with randomly selected foods from Selected Foods list if Calculation Scale input is entered.

Calculation Scale input determines the number of random diets to generate, if left empty algorithm will try to test every possible combination.

After a calculation has been made. The output is then stored in highscore database, which will be compared with all previous results.

Highscores are categorised by Menu Size. Also you can see the best diet accross all categories by clicking #1 button.

NEW: Now you can also specify prices for food and set a budget limit to generate results less than or equal to your specified budget. The prices are saved automatically with cookies so you don't have to write them every time.

SP calculation is made as follows:

( N1 × C1 ) + ( N2 × C2 ) + ( N3 × C3 )


C1 + C2 + C3
] × Balance Modifier × Skill Gain Multiplier + Base Skill Gain = SP/Day


My SP algorithm and inspiration for this project is based from this spreadsheet.

This project is made by Kaan "oddiz" Şarkaya.
If you have any suggestions or feed back, you can find me on discord @oddiz#9659

You can also email me at

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Available food

Tier 2.5
Tier 2
Tier 1.5
Tier 1
Bear Supreme
Weight:%weight% kg
-Carbs: %carb%
-Protein: %protein%
-Fat: %fat%
-Vitamins: %vit%
Calories: %calorie% kcal
Sweet Salad

Selected food

Elk Taco


Crimson Salad


Stomach Contents

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